Driving SQLs:

How WeScale Helped Press Loft to get 100+ SQLs/mo with Performance Marketing

Press Loft is a major online PR software brand specializing in the Interior, Gift, Fashion industries with teams set up around the globe. They work to connect branding, PR, and Digital Marketing agencies with journalists, bloggers, and social influencers to give them a reliable platform for collaboration.


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The Challenge

Press Loft had a customer base gained chiefly through referrals, cold email outreach, and participation in the largest PR conferences. They needed a scalable way to acquire new and big clients from the UK, Western Europe, and Australia. The Press Loft product is easy to use and simplifies the work of PR specialists. However, the struggle was that Press Loft is in a relatively new SaaS product category, and PR specialists, agencies don’t usually know and search about this kind of product.

Our Solution

We thoroughly researched the market and separated two of the most critical buyer personas to target:

  1. Large Brands (that have dedicated PR people and can pay for the tool)
  2. Agencies(that can better serve their clients with an automated PR solution)
So, we used product-led growth as a primary go-to-market strategy. We created seasonal/holiday-related demand generation campaigns and brought 500+ free sign-up leads. To achieve this, we did the following:
  • Created email campaigns to convert those leads to buyers. Those were limited-time offers with five sequential emails.
  • Leveraged LinkedIn and FB as our primary customer acquisition channels.
  • Developed landing pages that convert with a 23-30% conversion rate.
  • Increased on-dashboard conversion with pop-ups and banners.
"I worked with Anna and WeScale Team for a year on our ppc mainly on instagram / fb and some Linkedin. Anna was a great person to work with, team understood our business well and cared very much about her work, working hard to deliver what we wanted. The ads generated around 100 leads per month and they were continually working on refining and improving the process to get the best quality leads. I would recommend Anna and her growing team for a B2B SaaS business looking to scale."
The founder of Press Loft: Nicola Snell

Nicola Snell

Founder and CEO