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Launch PPC ads that maximize the potential of every click. Scale SQLs and MRR faster and smoother. Build brand awareness, increase engagement, and convert.

Customers that won with us
The company saw an increase in downloads after engaging with WeScale. Their current users mainly came from the ad campaigns, indicating the ad strategy's success. The team's workflow was great; they led regular meetings, communicated effectively through Slack, and always provided timely updates.

Inna Karmolit

Growth manager

A sneak peek into our work

Tangible/real results

We focus on SQLs and revenue growth. CTRs or impressions are vanity metrics.

A dedicated PPC team

You get a team consisting of a PPC strategist, an account operations specialist, a designer, and a copywriter to prepare all the assets and launch your campaigns.

Focused on B2B SaaS

Our clients are B2B SaaS companies. Being laser-focused on this category of businesses helps us ensure the highest quality of work.

Real-time dashboard

We’re helping our SaaS partners track all user events ( both on the page and on dashboard to understand real places to optimize)

WeScale team was really great and stepped in to make a big impact. Looking for new ideas and initiatives for generating more revenue. Overall great experience working closely with the team.
Inna Karmolit
Growth manager

Troy Johnson

Co-founder and CEO

What you can accomplish

Capture demand with Search Ads

We help structure your account based on automation layering, map out the keyword intent, and position your offering as the ideal one for searchers.

Re-engage visitors with Retargeting

The purpose of retargeting is to build credibility, increase brand recall, and offer something of great value, with the ultimate goal of increasing ROI for your SaaS business.

View a live KPI dashboard

If you're practicing PLG, understanding user engagement metrics and connecting them with revenue is essential. We offer real-time dedicated dashboards to help get the complete picture.

Success Stories

Increased landing page CR to 36%, decreased CPI by 45% and brought first 145 installs from Google Ads.
Increased revenue generated from Search Ads by 46% and decreased cost per acquisition by 12.5%.
Brought 100 SQLs a month with Linkedin and Facebook ads, decreased cost per acquisition by 30%.

Our PPC Tool Kit

Choose Your Growth Plan

Basic plan
Schedule a free consultation
Keyword research
Competitor research
Basic Tracking (Essentials)
Campaign setup
Bid management
Ad copy creation (unlimited)
Ad Visuals
Landing pages creation
Up to 2 channels
Ongoing optimization
Basic report
Bi-weekly call
Daily Slack communication
* Up to 10K spend
Advanced plan
Schedule a free consultation
Includes everything in Basic plan and:
Advanced Buyer Persona Research
Messaging Strategy
Landing page strategy
Advanced tracking setup & maintenance
GA4 Advanced implementation
Monthly data analysis audits
All platforms needed (for example (Google, FB, LinkedIn, Reddit)
Cold / nurturing emails setup
Hands-on email support
Advanced reporting
Weekly calls
Daily Slack Communication
* 10k+ spend
Custom plan
Let's talk
For more complex projects, you can book a free consultation for us to be able to answer your questions and offer a custom pricing plan.
Revenue Sharing
Let's talk
For more complex projects, you can book a free consultation for us to be able to answer your questions and offer a custom pricing plan.

30 of our clients already see an increase in ROI and are able to scale their business further.

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