Maximizing ROAS:

How WeScale Helped Pearler to Decrease Cost per Signup by 12.5% and Increase Revenue Generated from Ads by 32%.

Pearler is an investing app designed to help you reach your financial goals, within a supportive community. Our mission is to help everyday people become successful long-term investors.


increase in sign up


Increase in the ROAS


Decrease in cost/conversions

The Challenge

Pearler had a solid web presence. Good traffic coming from organic channels. But the client acquisition was not cost effective. The challenge was to decrease the cost per acquisition.

Our Solution

  1. We analyzed previous data, converting blogs ad keywords and created 5 search campaigns  targeting different stages: awareness, consideration, decision
  2. We created 30+ landing page presenting each type of investments (ETFs, microshares, etc)
  3. We leveraged the re-targeting campaign with Facebook and display to offer the first deposit free, to increase the amount of users placing the first deposit.
  4. We leveraged automation layering (tracked all evens, ad with assigned values to each of it, so that advertising platforms won’t optimize by just sign up, but actual investment, and engaged usage.