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Get rid of the misconception that Facebook ads are  only for e-commerce. We're here to dispel this myth and shed light on the tremendous advantages that Facebook advertising offers to SaaS.

SaaS Businesses that Scaled Facebook Ads Results with Us
I worked with Anna and WeScale Team for a year on our ppc mainly on instagram / fb and some linkedin. Anna was a great person to work with, team understood our business well and cared very much about her work, working hard to deliver what we wanted. The ads generated around 100 leads per month and they were continually working on refining and improving the process to get the best quality leads. I would recommend Anna and her growing team for a B2B SaaS business looking to scale.
The founder of Press Loft: Nicola Snell

Nicola Snell

Founder and CEO at Press Loft

Why Facebook Ads are Effective for SaaS?

Cost-effective advertising

Lookalike audiences

Exceptional targeting capabilities

Extensive global reach

Diverse ad formats


Facebook, with nearly two-thirds of the global social media user base actively engaged in 2023, offers a prime platform for expanding your SaaS business.

Don’t sleep on this chance, start creating your Facebook Ads strategy.

WeScale team helped us set up our Facebook/Instagram ads from scratch and optimized them to get high-quality leads, test ad copies and lower cost per lead.They also provided good weekly reports and ideas.Will definitely hire for the next project.

Prithwe Raj

Growth Manager,

Why WeScale Is the Way to Go?

A-Z Set-up and Beyond

A-Z Set-up ensures that your Facebook advertising campaigns are meticulously configured, monitored, and optimized at every stage. From the initial account setup to ongoing performance tracking, audience analysis, and budget management, we leave no stone unturned in creating a robust foundation for your campaigns and consistently fine-tuning them for optimal results. Your success is our priority, and we're with you every step of the way, guaranteeing a smooth and effective journey through the world of Facebook advertising.

Tailored Strategy Development Approach

Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all strategy falls short in the complex landscape of Facebook advertising. That’s why we adopted a Tailored Strategy Development Approach. This method revolves around the creation of to crafting unique, data-driven advertising strategies that align perfectly with your SaaS business objectives.This personalized strategy ensures that every ad campaign is not just effective but efficient, maximizing your ROI and ensuring your SaaS business stands out.

Creative Visuals and Copywriting

Speaking the same language with your audience and showing what they want to see is the key to boost your results. After doing a thorough research we make creative visuals and ad copies that will

Success Stories

Increased landing page CR to 36%, decreased CPI by 45% and brought first 145 installs from Google Ads.
Increased revenue generated from Search Ads by 46% and decreased cost per acquisition by 12.5%.
Brought 100 SQLs a month with Linkedin and Facebook ads, decreased cost per acquisition by 30%.

Our Facebook Advertising Tool Kit

Choose Your Growth Plan

Basic plan
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Keyword research
Competitor research
Basic Tracking (Essentials)
Campaign setup
Bid management
Ad copy creation (unlimited)
Ad Visuals
Landing pages creation
Up to 2 channels
Ongoing optimization
Basic report
Bi-weekly call
Daily Slack communication
* Up to 10K spend
Advanced plan
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Includes everything in Basic plan and:
Advanced Buyer Persona Research
Messaging Strategy
Landing page strategy
Advanced tracking setup & maintenance
GA4 Advanced implementation
Monthly data analysis audits
All platforms needed (for example (Google, FB, LinkedIn, Reddit)
Cold / nurturing emails setup
Hands-on email support
Advanced reporting
Weekly calls
Daily Slack Communication
* 10k+ spend
Custom plan
Let's talk
For more complex projects, you can book a free consultation for us to be able to answer your questions and offer a custom pricing plan.
Revenue Sharing
Let's talk
For more complex projects, you can book a free consultation for us to be able to answer your questions and offer a custom pricing plan.

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