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How WeScale Helped Judo to Get The First 45 Installs from Google Ads.

Judo is a platform that enables server-driven UI for iOS and Android apps. This is an emerging technique used by large companies like Airbnb, Spotify, and Facebook to natively update their app's UI without requiring an App Store update. This is game-changing for parts of your app that need continuous iteration, like your app's onboarding or ephemeral content such as marketing or promotional campaigns.

The Challenge

Judo was new to the market and was acting in a new emerging market off server-driven UI. Keywords had low search volume. Users mostly don't know what server-driven UI is. So they needed a longer educational curve, before buying Judo.

Our Solution

We created a multi-step user acquisition flow. We started by producing a series of educational blog posts about server-driven UI. Then, we re-targeted the blog visitors and showed them Judo's software solution in more detail. We A/B tested our ad copy and visual assets to optimize the acquisition funnel to find what was working better and for whom. The two primary buyer personas we were optimizing for and experimenting with were Design Heads and Development heads. Eventually, we managed to scale the ad budget 3x and brought 4x traffic.

Installs from LinkedIn
& Google

Increased landing page CRO

Website Traffic

The company saw an increase in downloads after engaging with WeScale. Their current users mainly came from the ad campaigns, indicating the ad strategy's success. The team's workflow was great; they led regular meetings, communicated effectively through Slack, and always provided timely updates.

Inna Karmolit

Growth manager

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