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PPC advertising

Account review & recommendations
Defining main KPIs
Defining the profitability matrix
Keyword research
Ad copy
Campaign set-up
Ongoing A/B tests and optimizations
Quarterly roadmaps
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Email marketing

Lead nurturing sequences
EMS Integration
Lead Qualification & Segmentation
Open Rate & CTR Optimization
Earnings Per Click Optimization
A/B testing
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Onboarding optimization

Defining North Star Metrics for Onboarding
Configuring Analytics for Tracking Onboarding Actions
Examining Sales and Support Data to Uncover User Pain Points
Generating UX Enhancement Concepts for A/B Testing
Applying the Experiment
Evaluating Data and Making Informed Decisions for Final Implementations
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Conversion rate optimization

A/B testing
Rule-based testing
Heat-map and scroll-map analysis
Landing page copy
Landing page UX/UI design
Landing page development
Customer journey mapping
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