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I worked with Anna and WeScale Team for a year on our ppc mainly on instagram / fb and some linkedin. Anna was a great person to work with, team understood our business well and cared very much about her work, working hard to deliver what we wanted. The ads generated around 100 leads per month and they were continually working on refining and improving the process to get the best quality leads. I would recommend Anna and her growing team for a B2B SaaS business looking to scale.
The founder of Press Loft: Nicola Snell
Nicola Snell
Founder and CEO
Thanks to WeScale, app and website visits increased by ten times. The team managed the project excellently and ensured efficiency throughout the workflow.
Hayk Tepanyan
Great agency. Great attention to detail. Hard workers. Was able to produce great work without much supervision.
Andrew Rosenblatt
WeScale team completed the PPC strategy within the time frame given. Anna was a pleasure to chat with. They gave great ideas for the business strategy. We hope to work with them again in the future.
Marketing manager
Marketing manager
We increased sign-ups by around 60%. WeScale devised and set up an event dashboard to more accurately track key events across the website and app, enabling us to make more data-driven decisions. UX/UI changes informed by WeScale feedback and strategy received positive feedback from customers. An affiliate program was established. A new automated email marketing flow was established. Everything they did was of high quality and had demonstrable impacts on our business. Their approach was perfect for what we were looking for an all-purpose marketing partner!
Anna Milan
We've seen a great increase in downloads since the beginning of the project. Many of our current users came from advertising campaigns launched by the vendor, and we are pleased with the marketing growth we were able to reach with their help.
Inna Karmolit
Growth manager
WeScale team is professional, smart, and has great knowledge in the paid acquisition space. They would add a lot of value to the right campaign and organisation.
WeScale team was really great and stepped in to make a big impact. Looking for new ideas and initiatives for generating more revenue. Overall great experience working closely with the team.
Inna Karmolit
Growth manager
Troy Johnson
Co-founder and CEO

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