Decreasing CPA

How WeScale implemented effective paid acquisition strategies for Givecloud

Givecloud is a platform that empowers nonprofits worldwide to build strong relationships with donors and collect donations. It offers nonprofits and fundraising organizations an A-Z suite of tools to create engaging and delightful donation experiences. Over 2000+ organizations use Givecloud to organize fundraising events, maintain relationships with donors, and collect donations.


Decreased CPA


Scaled the MQL to Lead ratio


Scaled the budget

The Challenge

Thanks to its amazing partners and dedicated sales efforts, Givecloud has built a vibrant community of fundraising organizations. However, it noticed there was room for growth in how it attracted new leads. Past attempts to spark interest didn’t quite hit the mark, leaving Givecloud wanting more in terms of lead quantity and quality to boost conversions. Additionally, the registration page, aimed at making sign-ups a breeze, turned out to be too complex with its many paths, leading some visitors to bounce before completing their sign-up.

Our Solution

We’ve refined Givecloud’s acquisition strategy by analyzing historical data and revamping key processes, including demo calls, self-serve signups, and inbound call management, to better engage users and streamline their journey.

Our advertising efforts were expanded through targeted search ads using competitor, BOF, and TOF keywords, alongside testing various bidding strategies to enhance effectiveness. We also launched LinkedIn campaigns offering valuable lead magnets, like “Fundraising content & event planner,” supported by a strategic content approach to convert prospects.

Additionally, we implemented comprehensive tracking across platforms to fine-tune acquisition efforts and introduced an improved email marketing flow to nurture new users with relevant, helpful content.

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